We only sell to resellers and distributors.
No individual consumer sales!
BtoBvitamin is an internet based B2B solution refers to electronic transactions between and among manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. The rise of Internet-based electronic commerce has changed the global business landscape forever. After a few years of explosive growth in the worldwide adoption of web technology, business leaders have completely changed the way they perceive online technology. Once seen as an unfamiliar and threatening medium, the Internet has proven itself as an excellent environment for commerce. Organizations that move decisively and intelligently into web business can register significant competitive gains. These gains include increased revenue, lowered costs, new customer relationships, innovative branding opportunities, and the creation of new lines of customer service. Businesses that fail to gear up for the B2B e-commerce will not only miss these opportunities, but in many business sectors, will find their very survival threatened.

e-Commerce for business to business

Between manufacturers & wholesalers to retailers accociated with health food, vitamins.

B2B e-commerce can save or make your company money. Some ways companies have benefited from B2B e-commerce include:
Managing inventory more efficiently
Adjusting more quickly to customer demand
Getting products to the market faster
Cutting the cost of paperwork
Obtaining lower prices on some supplies
Retailers can reduce their purchasing expenses and enhance supply chain efficiencies
Outsourcing the unprofitable parts of your business
Speeding up your product development activities - reducing time to market
Improved business and market intelligence.
Understanding your market better than your competitors
Cloning your business in further markets
Improving the speed of communication
Facilitating communication between your customers and suppliers
Reducing wastage through additional sales channels
Higher customer retention rates
Lower customer acquisition costs
Reduced costs can be passed on in favourable pricing